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Frequently asked questions


TradeWinds provides on-site training before you begin your charter career with us - Our training instructors will inform you about company Policy and Standards, guide you to become knowledgeable  about TW club memberships and coach you with how to deliver the perfect TradeWinds charters, so as to enable you to create and sustain the TradeWinds experience on each and every charter throughout your career with us.

Following these guidelines set out during training and thereafter hone your charter delivery and customer service skills constantly. Each TW base has a base manager who will support you with ongoing training throughout your career with us to ensure that you will have an enjoyable and a profitable career with us here at TradeWinds.

The on-site training TradeWinds provides is at our St Maarten base which is usually spread over 6 weeks, this will include classroom, on site and on the job training. During this time you will be accommodated on one of our off charter yachts. Occasionally training may be held at an alternative base.

All crew are responsible for their own transport to St Maarten, or their respective training base.

Vacation Periods

Charter crew receive 25 consecutive days vacation after approximately every 5 months of charter.

About the yachts

We have 3 classes of charters: Flagship class, Luxury class and Cruising class.

Our yachts vary in make and type, with most of our newer yachts coming from Fountaine Pajot. Since 2010 we have been working with Fountaine Pajot to build the ideal charter catamaran for our charter needs.

  • Flagship class: Fountaine Pajot TradeWinds70ft
  • Luxury class: Fountaine Pajot TradeWinds 59ft; Foutaine Pajot Cumberland 46ft (Power cat)
  • Cruising class: Fountaine Pajot Saba 52ft; Fountaine Pajot Selina 50ft; Lagoon 50ft; Fountaine Pajot Marqueses 56ft; Royal Cape 45ft; Privilege 51ft, 48ft and 43ft; Norsman 45ft and TradeWinds Explorer 70ft

Guest cabins

  • Flagship: 5 - 6 Guest cabins
  • Luxury: 5 guest cabins
  • Cruising class 3 - 6 guest cabins

Off-charter weeks

Generally, the yacht that you will be assigned to will be on an "off-charter week" at the same time as you are, therefore in most cases you will be accommodated on your assigned charter yacht.

As crew it is your responsibility to look after your yacht during your "off-charter week" as well as getting your yacht ready for the following charters, "Off-charter" crews are expected to help with routine maintenance issues, stowing provisions for the oncoming charter and making sure your yacht is impeccably clean. It is the crew's responsibility to balance down-time with these responsibilities.

Most of our bases have an operations manager, who - amongst other duties which support you - also shops for your provisions and manages the base staff. The staff consist of an engineer who does all technical and preventive maintenance, housekeepers and deckhands, who do scheduled deep cleaning of our yachts.